This website is to enable authors to select the preferences they require for receiving reports and/or summaries from the CPAN Testers system.

When CPAN Testers began, reports to authors were sent by testers for each report that were graded as FAIL or UNKNOWN. The reports were sent directly from the tester to the author. Unfortunately in more recent times, due to the amount of test reports now being submitted, some authors have complained of the overwhelming volume of mail they have been receiving. As a consequence the draft version of the Author Notification System was launched, together with the suppression of mailing reports by smoke testers.

The default daily summaries contain links to reports for the first instance of a test report sent for any given Perl version and Operating System for each distribution version.

This website aims to provide the authors with more controls over what they receive. Whether they wish to receive the daily summaries or receive the full reports, whether they wish to receive just notifications for FAIL graded reports or all reports, whether they wish to receive reports for only specific distributions or many other fine grained preferences.

Should there be any problems with your use of the website, please contact Barbie (barbie@cpan.org) with details.